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Rating: PG-13

Directed by    :   Nayla Al Khaja
Country    :   United Arab Emirates
Language    :   Arabic/English
Genre    :   Drama | Horror

Synopsis: In the busy suburbs of a modern-day Middle Eastern city, malevolent Djinn haunt the streets by night. When a young boy begins acting strangely, despite her own skepticism, his mother is eventually forced to accept that he has been possessed. So begins a race against time in which she calls upon a Western friend, doctors and finally an infamous exorcist to save her son. As the demons inside her son grow to their full power, and just when all seems lost, an unexpected sacrifice is the only chance of salvation.

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“I went to Jeddah and it totally captivated me, this is a territory that’s never been filmed in before. The aesthetic, houses and props are untouched. This location would be so in sync with my film theme: exorcism in the Arab world”


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